Puppets are terrorist weapons in Spain

On Friday 6th the Spanish democracy signed its lasts attack against the civil liberties. The fracture of the monarchical regime is unmasking the real roots of this State. Can a regime that jails puppeteers and accuse them of terrorism for performing a satiric piece against repressive institutions, define itself as democratic?


The theater performance, called “La Bruja y Don Cristóbal”, aims to capture the which-hunt that the anarchist movement is suffering during the last years in the Spanish State. The main chapter of the play is a witch who represents people with bad public image, and that must face the four powers governing the society, ie property, religion, the strength of the state and the law. During the course of the history puppets exemplify a clash with the police, which represents the force of the state, that appears to hit the witch until she was unconscious, and after that, police use false statements to accuse the main character, placing a banner of “Gora Alka-ETA” on her body , trying to keep up to take a picture as evidence. From this police set, there is the fourth figure, who is the Judge, who accuses and sentence to death the protagonist. The witch manages to deceive the judge, who wrap his head on his own rope and die. The story goes on something else, but this is the essence of what takes place, and where is all the controversy.

The “Gora Alka-ETA”  statement is a satiric allusion to al-Qaeda and ETA, that tries to highlight how the State uses terror as a weapon for gathering support. It should be noted that nowadays the terrorist group ETA abandoned the armed struggle in 2011. Furthermore,  none of the characters encourage terrorism. We could asses whether the work that is not for children or the general public, but it is surprising that two people are detained just for a puppet performing.

On February 6th hundreds of people marched spontaneously in Madrid to support artists , and different public personalties, such as the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau have shown their support, by using the hashtag .



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